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TSP Coaching Board

TSP Coaching Board

Τιμή μονάδος (piece): €19.90

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TSP Coaching Board

TSP Coaching Board This practical device for coaches , already used in many other sports, has now been adapted for table tennis. The board is printed on both sides and is also fitted with a paper clip at one end. It can be marked with white board marker pens and the surface cleaned with a cloth or sponge. Side 1. Coaching Board: A full sized graphical chart of a table tennis table top can be used for outlining technical tactics in the set interval and analyzing after the game. In coaching generally, it can be used to illustrate visually diverse playing strategies. Side 2. A graphical chart of several tables can be used to explain different training exercises or show sequences of complex table tennis strokes.

Prize: 17.90 .- €

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